Monday, November 26, 2012

5 Extra Value Meals Under $5

5 Under $5
Participating McDonald's restaurants across the New England and Albany area have added a new "5 Extra Value Meals Under $5" menu to the current existing McDonald's menu. this menu is more expensive and is not included where most "Value Meals" are located that are ranging in the one dollar section.

 McDonald's is offering customers the bulk of their favorite meals like the Big Mac and Filet-O-Fish combinations which come with french fries and a soft drink for under $5.

The 5 Extra Value Meals Under $5 are:

Big Mac, medium fries, medium soft drink
Quarter Pounder with Cheese, medium fries, medium soft drink

Filet-O-Fish, medium fries, medium soft drink
Filet-O-Fish, medium fries, medium soft drink

      Premium Crispy Chicken Classic
    Nicole DiNoia, communications manager for the Boston Region talks about her success in her region saying "Our launch of the 5 Extra Value Meals Under $5 menu allows us to better meet our customers' desire for quality food at a great price with the convenience we're known for," She also stated that "Now our customers can enjoy some core McDonald's favorites as a medium meal for a great value, every day. This is exciting news for our region and our customers".

    For more information go to and search daily values and promotions. All images are taken from McDonalds' website.

    -Gwendolyn Satchell


    1. I like that Mc Donald's is thinking about the customer.
      Under $5 is a great price for a meal.
      Hopefully they can continue havi8ng this deal on the menu.
      nikia trapp

    2. This 5 dollar deals are the cause of the obesity increase between minorities in the U.S. I'm sorry but to me is a crime to consume a meal with more than thousand calories.
      Maria Alfaro

      1. Don't be sorry, you are totally right!!

    3. no the cause of obesity is people who cannot say no